Spend 10 yuan/m2 building can become "green"

The State has specifically formulated the "Green Building Evaluation Standards" for green buildings. According to the application level of green building technologies, green buildings are divided into three-star, two-star and one-star from high to low. According to statistics on the incremental cost of green construction for more than 100 projects across the country, the incremental costs of green buildings for one-star, two-star and three-star residential projects are 23.9 yuan/m2, 70.9 yuan/m2, and 131.8 respectively. Yuan/square meter. “

The energy consumption of green houses during the life cycle is 13% lower than that of ordinary houses, but the energy content of building materials per unit area is 25% higher than that of ordinary houses. "One star does not have a return to this issue. Second, Samsung has invested back in most areas of building energy conservation due to additional investment. The return period is generally 3 to 5 years." The useful life of a house is more than 50 years. , then at least 40 years is the net profit year.

In addition, there are also benefits in energy conservation and environmental protection. A data shows that the green house has a power saving rate of 495 to 1356 degrees per 100 square meters per year. The water saving capacity is 18-63 tons, and the carbon emission reduction is 320-610kg CO2.

In addition, the new policy or urging the design market for green buildings. “Some properties want to achieve the expected star rating, and find the design unit to do the supporting materials according to the green building design standards, so as to save money and labor.” The future of residential construction is becoming more and more “green”, or to promote the development of this market.

Green building, as the name suggests, means to maximize the energy saving, land saving, material saving, water saving, environmental protection, and pollution reduction throughout the entire life cycle, and provide a building that is healthy, applicable, and efficient in use of space and harmonious with nature.

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