In general, paint engineering includes a variety of wood finishes, plaster finishes, wallpapers, wood coatings, and more. The paint project is the last big project in the home improvement process. If this step leads to the idea of ​​"relief," it would be wrong. Because the most complicated finishing work began from this time, but also full of "face engineering."

While looking at the construction site, the supervisor conducts an assessment of the entire construction site. The site is very clean and the tools and materials are well-organized.

However, the supervisor is still meticulously conducting inspections, and even a shallow pit on the door frame will be found and repaired by workers.

There is even a nail on the ceiling that requires workers to nail it up immediately.

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A good attitude is the premise of all work, such as the protection of planks at the entrance of the balcony, such as the application of paint to the glass, etc., are the details that the owner can observe.

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