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Introduction to NSK Gas Smooth Bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-10-17

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1. Let us first talk to us about the NSK gas smooth bearing NSK gas smooth bearing refers to the use of gas as a smoothing agent; and the use of gas transportability (dispersibility, viscosity and thermal conductivity), adsorption and compressibility In the event of conflict; under the effect of hydrodynamic effect, static pressure effect and kneading effect; a layer of intact air film to support the load and reduce conflict.
2. What are the advantages of NSK gas smooth bearings?
NSK gas smooth bearing has a high speed; high precision; conflict loss. Depending on the dreams of the devil, it is ridiculous.
The air film of the NSK gas smooth bearing has the effect of error homogenization; its accuracy is two orders of magnitude higher than that of the rolling bearing; and it oscillates. It means that the 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 冉 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡 蠡Σ Phosphorus throwing 湍さ 鍪 leg test.
Smooth gas is generally air or inert gas; not only does it not pollute into the atmosphere; and the bearing has small oscillation and low noise; it does not pollute the environment. The gas static bearing has no direct metal touch; the theoretical life is infinite.
3, NSK bearing gas smooth bearing has defects?
NSK bearing gas smooth bearing defects have four aspects; First, the bearing capacity is low; Second, the reliability is poor; Third, the cost is expensive; Fourth, the working conditions are severe.
Gas smooth bearing and similar oil smooth bearing ratio; bearing capacity is about 1 to 2 orders of magnitude, simple to present common air hammer oscillation and eddy instability, stuck, axle or bite appearance, gas film is very.炀 蠼 蠼 蠼 撸惶岣 撸惶岣 撸惶岣 撸惶岣 嗽旒郏恍枰咔褰喽鹊 嗽旒郏恍枰咔褰喽鹊 嗽旒郏恍枰咔褰喽鹊 嗽旒郏恍枰咔褰喽鹊 ぷ骰 ぷ骰 ぷ骰 ぷ骰 ぷ骰 ぷ骰
4, NSK bearing gas smooth bearing scale NSK bearing gas smooth imported bearings are widely used in machine tools; such as for spindle support; including workpiece shaft, tool shaft, grinding wheel shaft, etc.
General; senior professionals believe that machine tool spindle bearings have two types of hydrostatic bearings and dynamic pressure hybrid bearings. Small high-speed spindles can also use wave foil bearings. Gas static pressure bearings are most used in machine tools; The most convenient bearing for the surface. These years; porous gas hydrostatic bearings are very popular; the first is used for machine tool self-dynamic pressure mixing smooth bearings. The newly developed high-speed gas smooth bearing is called floating ring dynamic pressure gas bearing; in high-speed spindle support Very distant.
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