As we all know, the quality of office reception desks directly affects people's impressions of a company. Therefore, everyone attaches great importance to the reception of the office. However, after all, there are so many office reception desks in the society. How good is the size of a high-quality office reception desk and the height of the reception desk? Today, Omido Furniture Xiaobian introduces you to the relevant information about the size, design, and material of the reception desk.


Reception desk material

Reception desks are divided by categories, generally divided into marble front desks, painted front desks, solid wood front desks, and wood reception desks.

Most of the marble front desk is located in the spacious 1st floor lobby of the office. The marble front desk is the most upscale of its materials. The price of a set of marble materials varies from 10,000 to tens of thousands of yuan. It is very expensive because of the high prices.

Ranked second is the paint front, paint the front of the substrate for the MDF surface spray environmentally friendly green paint, repeated baking in the paint room, after the formation of the front bright color, smooth, very beautiful.

The solid wood reception desk is relatively rare, its workmanship is the medium density board sticks the solid wood skin, the craft is consistent with the solid wood desk, the solid wood manager table.

The most affordable of course is the front desk. The material of the country's E1 grade or above environmental protection board is the top grade, and it is used in combination with the steel bracket. Its style is various, the structure is simplified, and the economic benefits are favored by small and medium-sized companies.


The basic requirements of the front desk quality

1, veneer, curved smooth and smooth, can not afford ripple, concave resistance;

2, Edge straight, smooth, not degumming, tilt;

3. After the product is spliced ​​with the hardware connector, the overall appearance is tight, the gap is small and uniform; the entire product is spliced ​​well, the joints are neat, and the overall color is basically consistent, and the transition is natural.


Reception desk size

1, this is no standard size, are based on the actual project space to design.

2. The company's front desk has a reception height of 800, a length of 1500, a depth of 600, and a stay of 1,200 inside.

Reception design

1. The design of a reception desk needs to consider a lot of things, the company's image, the environment around the reception desk, the height of the reception desk, the size, and so on.

2, on behalf of the company's image, to be beautiful, attractive and practical.

3, with the company's philosophy and long-term goals for the design of a unique sense of the concept.

Reception desk layout

A good reception desk design can improve the image of the company and its employees, but it can also please the mood of the host and guest. It will inevitably win certain business opportunities for the company. Different styles of reception desk design need to pay attention to what issues? The use of materials is the most influential factor, and in terms of details, the most important thing is the exquisite use of some materials. Office decoration reception desk is the best place to reflect the company's image and strength. It not only shows the strength of a company, but also plays an important role in many aspects such as interpersonal communication, business etiquette, and image strategy. Must be based on the actual use of space and size of the venue with the corporate culture and office design style.

The reception desk is a very important facade of a company. It affects the customer's impression of the company. Therefore, regardless of the size , design, and layout of the reception desk , people need to consider it carefully. For more information about the reception desk, please Concerned about the GO Home Information Channel.

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