In our life, the sofa is a very common item. At the same time, in order to take care of the needs of people of all ages, its style is constantly increasing. Especially European sofas are very popular among the public. So, how to buy quality products? European sofa? The following and Omido furniture Xiao Bian to a detailed look.


Xiaobian teach you how to easily buy European sofa

European sofa purchase skills

European sofa how to buy: pressure

When selecting, you can use the bare hand to press the surface of the product to see if there will be a metal friction impact sound. If it does exist, then the work of the sofa is rough, and it is not recommended to purchase it. Also, check whether the internal cushion material is adequate. Health, avoid the use of some old and deteriorating materials.

European sofa how to buy: push

The structure of the product is also a key piece. You can use the left and right hands first to see if the structure of the khaki is firm enough. If there is shaking or noise, the structure is not solid enough and it is recommended not to purchase it.

European sofa how to buy: smell

At the time of purchase, it is also possible to judge the merits of the product by smelling it. If there is a strong pungent taste, the content of harmful gas is seriously excessive, and such sofas will seriously harm our body and mind.

European sofa how to buy: sit

Whether or not to sit comfortably is also one of the key factors for its purchase. Whether the color of the fabric is bright enough or not, whether there is an edge or a scratched place, and whether the wrapping at each place is consistent enough, these should be paid attention at the time of purchase.


European sofa brand recommendation

Caesars Palace - pure solid wood frame structure, exquisite and delicate trace silver carved, soft and comfortable fabric cushion, noble and elegant European style alone significant luxury. 20 years of experience craftsman hand-carved, dozens of procedures fine and precise, superior birch material, carved lifelike, noble silver tracing technology, so that the entire sofa more honorable.

Kim Kaisa - Dongguan Hongqi Furniture Co., Ltd.'s brand, this European classical sofa is full of energy and shows extraordinary. The white interpretation of the incomparable noble and gorgeous, high-grade chenille cloth, extraordinary texture extraordinary. Oil waxed first layer leather, enjoy the ultimate softness. Give people a feeling of court luxury.

European style furniture - this is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise, European style sofa of European style furniture has high prestige and prestige in the furniture industry with its exquisite craftsmanship and good quality. His family's sofa is hard, flexible, and durable. The meticulous tracing of silver and carved echoes reveals extraordinary temperament. Let people feel that luxury is full of them.

Han Feier - European sofa exquisite aesthetic; simple and luxurious European pastoral style, elegant and romantic. This European-style sofa looks beautiful, fresh and pleasant. The sofa fabric is made of wear resistant polyester fabric, which is soft and comfortable. Exquisite carved, highlighting the elegant European pastoral style, only one eye, they can not extricate themselves.

Summary: The above is about the European sofa how to buy the relevant description, I believe that for European-style sofa, most people have a soft spot, especially favored by the luxurious feeling they built, and other such sofa materials are more sophisticated, complex design , so the price is also more expensive, so do not be careless in the selection.

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