On November 25th, the Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association organized the "Experimental On-site Meeting for Pilot Projects of Ultra-Low Emission of Waste Gas in the Electrolytic Aluminum Industry" held by Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group. Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association, Shandong University, Shandong University of Architecture, Shandong Province Environmental monitoring center station, Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Research Institute, and other experts attended the meeting. During the meeting, the expert representatives heard reports from Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group on the construction and operation of the pilot project for the ultra-low emission reduction of electrolytic aluminum. Through on-site inspection of the project operating parameters and review of inspection reports, the participating experts agreed that Weiqiao Venture Group has implemented The ultra-low emission reform of the electrolytic aluminum industry has led to the realization of ultra-low emission of exhaust gas in the aluminum industry, which has led the industry in leading and demonstrating roles.

It is reported that Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group has completed the ultra-low emission reform of thermal power projects, which has greatly improved the environmental management level of the entire thermal power plant and achieved significant reduction in emissions. While carrying out the ultra-low emission reform of thermal power projects, the Group incorporated the ultra-low emission reform of electrolytic aluminum into the environmental management plan. Through many years of investigation and investigation, the Group has finalized the implementation plan.

The first batch of electrolytic aluminum flue gas ultra-low emission reform pilot project of the group is located in Zouping County 600KA primary aluminum production line (A3) factory area, with a total project investment of 30 million yuan, using "limestone-gypsum" wet technology, and design standards for effluent Refer to the super-low emission standards of thermal power plants, including: particulate matter ≤ mg/m3, sulfur dioxide ≤35 mg/m3, and fluoride ≤2 mg/m3. The retrofit project will be completed and put into operation in September 2017. The renovation project has been operating stably since it was put into operation, and all parameters have met the design requirements.

Acceptance test report data show that after the transformation of the exhaust emission indicators particulate matter 2 mg / cubic meter, about 10 mg / cubic meter of sulfur dioxide, fluoride 1 mg / cubic meter, much lower than the "aluminum industry pollutant discharge standards" ( The emission standards of 20, 200, and 3 mg/m3 required by GB25465-2010 have achieved ultra-low emissions and have reached the international advanced level. The Group's second batch of ultra-low emission renovation projects have been fully implemented.

The primary aluminum production of Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group adopts all large-scale pre-baked anode electrolyzers with an electric current of over 400 kilo-amperes. Among them, 600 k-A large-scale anode pre-baked aluminum electrolyzers have the largest single-tank capacity, the lowest tons of aluminum investment, and the liquid aluminum. The advantages of the best quality, the lowest energy consumption, the best production environment, the highest degree of automation, the least labor, the DC power consumption is less than 12500 degrees per ton of aluminum, and the flue gas purification efficiency is over 99.8%. The group always attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection work, and requires that environmental protection management is not limited to meeting the emission standards. As long as the technology can be realized, the number can be reduced to a minimum, the environmental protection investment can be continuously increased, and the environmental protection governance can be fully implemented. Significant emission reduction and environmental benefits. The adoption of the ultra-low emission reform of electrolytic aluminum exhaust gas took the lead, marking that the Group's energy-saving and emission reduction work has reached a new level.

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