2011-2016, Many types of biometrics coexist, networking has become a trend From 2011 to 2016, my electronic lock industry has been increased from hotel locks and fingerprint locks to smart locks, and the number of companies has soared. Beach rushes, richer features, more stylish and personalized appearance, improved stability, remote unlocking and networking have become trends.
From the perspective of the number of enterprises, there has been a large number of Internet brands focusing on smart locks; at the same time, a number of emerging companies have focused on smart locks; companies that previously focused on traditional locks have also entered the smart lock; in addition, various industry giants I also want to get a share of the smart lock field. The number of enterprises has soared from more than 100 companies in the 2.0 era to nearly 2,000 companies.
In terms of the market, not only has the engineering market continued to grow rapidly, but the initial installation rate of real estate smart locks has also been increasing, and the retail market has also been advancing rapidly. According to the “China Smart Lock White Paper 2017” released by Analysys, China’s smart lock sales in 2015 were 1.97 million sets, while in 2016 it showed a rapid growth of 105.4%, and the market sales volume soared to 4.046 million sets.
From the product point of view, in terms of opening methods, in addition to IC cards, passwords, mechanical keys, and fingerprints, many companies identify humans such as face recognition, iris recognition, finger vein recognition, and other high-security biometrics for differentiated development. Technology is introduced into the smart lock industry. However, at present, fingerprint recognition is still the mainstream of the market, and it has been upgraded from the 2.0 era optical fingerprinting module to today's semiconductor fingerprint identification module.
In terms of appearance, smart lock design is more fashionable, bolder, and more personal than the 1.0 and 2.0 era. European style, new Chinese style, rural style, and other different styles of smart locks are everywhere; the use of color is no longer confined to the formerly too single form, and the different color styles such as red, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and two-color match continue to emerge. Less favored by younger consumers.
At the same time, a variety of shapes are also emerging, such as the small waist, sports cars, push-pull and other styles are particularly eye-catching, compared to the 1.0, 2.0 era of electronic locks, looks more stylish, more sense of technology.
In recent years, with the development of the Internet of Things, smart homes and the Internet, the trend of smart lock networking has become clearer. Smart locks have also staged an "entry war" for smart homes with smartphones, smart routers, and smart TVs. And since the Internet of Things technology is becoming more and more mature, remote opening, remote control, remote alarm, and remote monitoring have become the standard for many smart locks.
With the deepening of smart lock nets and network efficiency after the installation base reaches a critical point, “smart lock + APP” or “smart lock + WeChat” has become one of the symbols of the Smart Lock 3.0 era, achieving a machine in hand. , Check the status of your home, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the form of remote control will continue to continue.

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