Cotton is one of the most important economic crops in many places. Many friends have planted it. Today, I will share with you the measures for remediation of cotton remedies.

Measures for the remedy of cotton remedies:

1. Spray water in time. If it is found that the medication is not proper, immediately spray it with the sprayer to wash the stems and leaves repeatedly to wash away the pesticide remaining on the surface of the cotton plant to reduce the harm; when flushing, the air pressure of the sprayer should be sufficient, and the amount of water sprayed should be large. For the phytotoxicity caused by the cotton field applied by soil and some herbicides , the soil can be immediately washed and the residual agent can be drenched into the deep layer of the soil.

2. Add fertilizer. Generally, the phytotoxicity of the symptoms such as leaf spot, leaf edge scorch, and plant yellowing can be increased, and the application of fertilizer or foliar can reduce the degree of phytotoxicity. For example, when 2,4-D butyl ester phytotoxicity occurs in cotton seedlings, appropriate amount of available nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to promote hair growth and hair growth, so that cotton plants can resume normal growth and development as soon as possible. When using foliar fertilizer, it can be used together with photosynthetic nutrient film fertilizer, which can help plants absorb a lot of light fertilizer, light energy, light, compatible with conventional fertilizers and nutrients to supply plant growth and development to the limit. One-year benefits for one application.

3. Medication is relieved. For the phytotoxicity caused by some herbicides and plant growth regulators , the plant growth regulator can be sprayed in a targeted manner for reverse adjustment after the phytotoxicity.

4. After the phytotoxicity of cotton, timely removal of chlorotic and metamorphic branches and leaves can reduce the penetration and conduction of the agent in the plant; timely cultivation of loose soil, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can promote root development and facilitate the enhancement of cotton plants. Resistance. Foliar spray of new high-fat film 600 times liquid, can automatically form a layer of polymer protective film that is invisible to the naked eye, optimize plant water absorption, ventilation, light transmission quality. Blocking pests and smuggling signals and weakening the media to resist and defend against natural environmental disasters.

More pesticide knowledge , please pay attention to China Pesticide Network

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