Tiles in our decoration is used more than one product, so that everyone is not very strange to it, I believe we all know that in China, the largest ceramic tile production is in Foshan, Guangdong, relatively speaking, the quality of the tile is also there Better. Following small to tell you about Connaught tiles is a brand it introduced the advantages of enoxaparin and tile products.

Is Enoy tile a first-line brand?

The first thing to know is that Enuo Tiles is a first-line brand. In fact, Enuo Tiles is also considered a well-known brand in China, and it is also a product with higher cost performance. At the same time, this product is also acceptable to ordinary people. The most important is this. The sales of its products are still very good. As far as it belongs to a few brands, then it is a second-tier brand.

The benefits of Enuo tile products are also numerous

1. First of all, we must know that this is a pioneer and practitioner who believes that this brand is worthy of being owned by the people. This brand has adhered to the concept of brand innovation for the past 18 years. At the same time, it is also a “sincere and sincere customer service”. Under the idea, and it also insists on "a brick is retreatable, a brick can make up" with such a free on-site service, so it is also said that it also serves people sincerely, acts with integrity, quality products, and is loved by many consumers.

2. The selection of "China's Top 100 Enterprises in Building Materials Industry" by Enuo Tiles is a testament to the strength of Enuo Tiles. At the same time, it is also recognized by the Chinese Building Decoration Association, many decoration companies, real estate partners and the community. And it is still "focus on high-end ceramics manufacturing" as a stimulus to provide consumers and the supply chain with better green products.

3, Yi Nuo tiles is famous for its excellent product quality and high cost performance, so it is said that this product is very high in consumer reputation. Its main production is the glazed internal wall tiles and polished tiles. The three major series of antique bricks, while the brand is in design research and development, it is still actively working with well-known Italian design agencies, so it is designed to belong to the kind of fashion frontier, and can be a good art into Tiles, so that each tile can be very good to create a practical and artistic organic combination. At the same time, we must also know that the quality of the product is also greatly improved. It also puts a lot of energy in quality, in the quality control, product development, brand building, system construction, team building and channel construction. All aspects are considered in terms of improving product quality and service levels, so it is said that it will also produce these consumer-satisfying tiles.

Summary: About Yinuo Tiles is the first-line brand and the advantages of Enuo tile products introduce the relevant content to introduce this, we know that tiles are used in the decoration more than one product, so when the choice will come from many aspects Considering this, in order to choose a satisfactory product, I hope that the above introduction will help you.


1.Chrome polished Shower Arm 
2.High quality shower arm for bathroom 
3.OEM/ODM for many years 
4.various certificate.

Wall Mounted Square Shower Arm


Type: Shower Arm

Place of Origin: Guangdong (Mainland)

Surface Treatment: Polished

Brand Name: FLG

Style: Contemporary

Surface Finishing: Chrome 



 Length :various

1.Made in Stainless steel with High-gloss chromed finished.

2.With Stainless Steel Flange.

3.Size: customized size

4. Fittings for Overhead Shower,Top Shower.

5.Suitable for commercial 1/2" connections.

6.Quick and easy assembly.

Brass Shower Arm

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