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On February 8, the twelfth lunar month of the month is the “small year” commonly known in the folk customs of northern China. "Little Year" is the prelude to the Spring Festival. When the "Little Year" is over, it completely enters "Spring Festival Time" until New Year's Eve.

The traditional "small year" is closely related to the "sacred stove", and after the "sacred stove", the annual taste is getting thicker and thicker. Every year from the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month to the New Year's Eve, our country’s people call this time the “coming spring”, also known as the “dust sweeping day.” Every household should clean it up and clean it up to welcome the new year. The purpose of this sweeping is to sweep away all the "deficient", "hernia" and "mildew". So, did you clean up the following hidden dangers years ago?

Stairway storage:

When a fire occurs, debris can affect evacuation and rescue

Residents of some old districts often store combustibles such as honeycomb coal, worn-out furniture and discarded cardboard boxes in corridors due to diligence, economy, and ease of planning. In the event of a fire or other dangerous situation, these sundries will seriously affect the evacuation and escape, and will also prevent firefighters from carrying out rescue operations.

Fire alarm

Clean-up should try to clean the balcony, the corridor, the roof, the combustible debris behind the house, and all kinds of debris. Avoid storing electric vehicles and bicycles in corridors. Do not bury, occupy, damage, misappropriate, or block fire-fighting devices such as fire hydrants or fire extinguishers. Do not occupy, block, or seal safety exits, evacuation routes, and emergency lanes, and clean up obstructions that hinder the passage of fire trucks and fire suppression.

Integral wire:

Can cause short circuit to cause fire

Instead of complying with the relevant regulations on safe electricity, casually pull wires and increase the number of electrical equipment, such as wiring, to charge electric vehicles. There are also people who are charging a small device charger randomly on the bed, pillow or book. There are also some rental housing estates that use electric power to facilitate the tenants. If the electric wires are overloaded and cause short-circuits, sparks or heat, a fire may occur.

Fire alarm

Line security hidden troubles need to pay attention to 6 points:

Check the wires and plugs;

Do not use multiple high-power appliances at the same time at home;

Do not replace the fuse with copper wire or the like;

Heaters such as electric heaters and oil fins should be kept away from flammable items such as beds and sofas when they are used.

When using open fire appliances, be sure to keep away from combustibles;

Before going out or going to sleep, you should cut off the power.

Rubber hose aging:

Used for a long time, which can easily lead to gas leaks

Aging and leakage of hoses are important reasons for the deflagration of domestic natural gas. At present, most domestic natural gas users do not regularly replace hoses connecting natural gas pipelines and gas stoves. These hoses will age over a long period of time and cause leakage, fracture, and looseness. Therefore, they must be replaced on a regular basis. Rubber hoses generally have a service life of no more than two years and natural rubber hoses have a service life of up to 3 years.

Fire alarm

If there is a natural gas leak in the room, immediately close all gas valves, quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation, eliminate open flames, and do not answer calls, and do not use any electrical switches. When the outdoor gas pipeline leaks, the site shall be monitored for safety, and the fire shall be prohibited from entering the leakage area and reported to the relevant unit or person immediately.

Hood Accumulation:

If you do not clear the exhaust pipe in time, it is easy to bury fire hazards

Most housewives know that hoods need to be cleaned frequently, but most people only clean the surface and can easily overlook the smoke exhaust pipes, laying a serious hidden danger of fire. Therefore, the grease inside the pipe must be handled regularly.

Fire alarm

Once the hood is on fire, it is necessary to cut off the power in a timely manner, immediately close the exhaust fan and use a wet quilt or a household fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. If the fire is still difficult to control, call 119 for assistance immediately .

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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