With the progress of society, people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life. The integration of the walls with green features is deeply loved by consumers. Then, how to use integrated wall ? Let's let Xiao Bian tell everyone how to use the integrated wall !

How to use the integrated wall surface:

1, ready to install construction tools

When we install the integrated wall, we must first prepare the construction tools. For example: carpentry workbench, nail gun, nail machine, infrared range finder, infrared vertical instrument, angle cutting machine, hand-held cutting machine, manual slot machine, caulking gun, alloy saw blade, US grout, water-based Edge plastic, special putty paste and so on.

2. Prepare integrated wall panels that have been selected

Everyone's pursuit of beauty is not the same, we can choose to integrate the style of the wall according to their own preferences. Such as Chinese style can choose: Kyrgyzstan Ruyi, gold silk yellow, Fairview Park and so on. Then according to the shape and size of each space, prepare the appropriate plate and accessories.

3, maintain the formation of the wall

If it is the transformation of the old house, it is best to fill and level the bumpy area and maintain the flatness of the wall. Blank room can be installed directly.

4, split and use ink fountain line

We need to determine the starting position and connection position of the board according to the design of the home and the dimensions of the building, and then pop up the horizontal and vertical lines. Hang vertical and horizontal control lines around the yin and yang angles, windows and balconies.

5, integrated keel installation

When we install the ceiling, we need to install the keel before we can install the integrated wall surface. The wall does not need to install the keel, install it directly. The keel should be connected to the lightning protection at the bottom and be reliably connected to the grounding busbar.

6 Install integrated wall surface

The cutting of the integrated wall surface should be based on the design drawings and the actual size of the wall surface. Note that the pattern stitching seams should be aligned. It is advisable to install the integrated wall surface from the bottom to the top and then to the seam after the big angle. The ceiling keel can be fixed by self-tapping screws or rivets. For the wall cloth corner, use a V-type slotter as much as possible.

The above is all about how the integrated wall should be used . I hope it will help everyone. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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