Some homeowners will use solid wood floors when decorating their homes. They have natural wood texture and color patterns, and have a natural, soft texture. However, some people have regretted directly after paving solid wood flooring. Then, what are the disadvantages of solid wood flooring? How do we maintain solid wood flooring? Let Xiao Bian introduce all the disadvantages of solid wood flooring and how to maintain solid wood flooring. It!

What are the disadvantages of solid wood flooring?

1. The price of solid wood flooring is high, and the retail price of the general market standard A board is above 250.

2, solid wood flooring wear resistance is poor, the general solid wood flooring wear only 100-300, but the best wood paint is a special paint, wear will also be 300 rpm. Under a certain pressure, rub it with sandpaper for 300 revolutions, the paint on the surface will be erased, and the wood inside will be exposed. It is very ugly. If the home often drags and pulls tables and chairs, or often pedals on the floor, it will take less than two months to paint the surface.

3, the surface of solid wood flooring is easily oxidized. The paint on the surface of solid wood will oxidize in the air, and the originally bright surface will oxidize, lose luster, and the color will darken.

4, solid wood will not be very good resistance to the impact, especially if there are children at home, it is best not to use solid wood, if you accidentally drop the heavy objects on the floor, it is easy to escape the pit. Many homes are made of solid wood, because of this, so I want to change it.

5, the home shop has solid wood flooring needs regular maintenance, is generally a two-month maintenance, including polishing, painting, waxing, pest control and so on. The cost of maintenance is almost one thousand, so the cost is very high.

Solid wood floor maintenance method

1. When cleaning, we use a wrung towel to wipe along the texture of the solid wood floor. You can wipe with a wet towel during the dry season, but during the wet season, remember not to wipe the floor with a damp mop or wash directly with water.

2. The solid wood floor contains three layers of solid wood composite floor and multi-layer solid wood composite floor, so after the laying is completed, it is recommended not to use it within 24 hours, for fear of affecting the use of the floor.

3, if you want to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring and extend the life of the paint, it is recommended to fight once every two months wax, clean the dirt before waxing, wipe with a soft towel after wiping, until smooth and bright.

4. Use a neutral detergent when cleaning solid wood floors. Remember that you cannot clean floors with strong acidic and strong alkaline cleaners.

5. It is recommended that users put a squat mat at the door to prevent dust particles from being carried into the room and damage the floor.

The above is all about the shortcomings of solid wood flooring and the maintenance of solid wood flooring . I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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