The house we live in needs to know some renovation procedures in advance, because generally we are all decorating the house for the first time, and some of the aspects involved are unexpected, so we need to understand before decorating the house. Knowledge must be seen, then what are the renovation steps and procedures ? What are the precautions for the decoration of the house? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, the renovation steps and processes

1. The first step of the renovation project is to make a hydropower transformation, because many pipes and circuit pipes will buy walls and underground, so if you do not want to do this step, it will lead to subsequent rework. At the same time as the hydropower transformation, you can tell the woodworker to go to the site, measure the riser, decorative ceiling, plaster line and other data and start making it. These will be used later, and you can prepare in advance to shorten the construction period.

2. The main body of the demolition is a project, mainly including wall removal, wall building, shovel wall skin, demolition of heating, plastic steel windows and so on. The demolished garbage should be cleaned up in time to ensure the cleanness of the room, also for the convenience of construction. At this point, the finished door is set. At this time, the cabinet, the hood, the stove, and the water heater are thoroughly browsed and can be determined.

3. The board first travels to the field. The industry mainly pays attention to check whether the incoming sheet is consistent with the one marked on the contract, and whether it is a product that meets the national environmental protection standards. After the plate enters the field, the woodworker is about to enter. Woodworkers are responsible for bag risers, decorative ceilings, door panels, window covers, modeling frames, custom furniture, etc. The painter needs to carry out the base layer treatment on the wall. If the wall surface is not wallpapered, but the latex paint is applied, the wall surface needs to be painted. In addition, the painter is also responsible for painting the furniture made by the woodworker.


Second, the precautions for the decoration of the house

1. We have to consider the issue of feng shui layout. In ancient China, when you chose your residence, you had the saying that "they are yin and yang, and they are watching the fountain." It is that we need to settle in places where the sun is flowing and the air is flowing. China also pays attention to the layout of houses. Therefore, in the initial stage of renovation, we must make a good layout plan. China is extremely concerned about the use of symmetrical beauty and private space. These two points must be considered when planning. The idea of ​​a Chinese layout is that there is enough room for people to move even in a narrow space.

2. Missing reports "Some of the must-have home improvement materials, home improvement projects, there are some home improvement materials that must be used. While individual home improvement companies offer customers a quotation, in order to pull customers at low prices, deliberately miss certain The main material. The owners who do not have much judgment ability are often attracted by the low price quotation of “reasonable price”, so they can sign the contract quickly. However, in the following home decoration process, the owner has to install the house for the normal construction of the project. The company's "missing" projects pay for the bill.

After purchasing the house, we need to carry out the decoration, but the decoration is a very troublesome thing. We need to consider a lot of places, then the renovation steps and procedures and try again, read the above introduction of the small series I also know about these issues. If you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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