In the entire home space, the frequency of water use in the bathroom is the highest, and the bathroom with the highest amount of water is the bathroom. Therefore, how to strengthen the safety performance of this wet environment is very necessary to buy a high-quality floor mat. What are the types of bathroom floor mats ? With Xiao Bian together to understand it.

1. Nylon

This is a kind of relatively common bathroom floor mat material that many families will use. It is not only very easy to wear and crush, but also very good to clean. If it is dirty, it can remove stains with water, it is cheap, and it is cheap. It can be used for a long time, so it is favored by many housewives. However, the material of this floor mat has its disadvantages, that is, it is prone to static electricity. Once there is a fire, it may be dissolved or damaged.

2, polyester

The type of floor mat that is similar to the previous material, although not as wear-resistant as the former, is not as strong as nylon, but its resistance to temperature and the sun is stronger than that of nylon. Therefore, in the bath, do not worry about the bathroom overheating and affect its life, after cleaning can also be confidently placed in the sun drying, antibacterial sterilization. In addition to its low price, it is not surprising that it has become a highly praised bathroom mat.

3, cotton

If you don't like synthetic floor mats made of plastic, you may want to consider buying this type of bath floor mats. Just like cotton clothes, it not only gives users good tactile sensations, but also has strong water absorption capacity. Reduce the trouble of dampness in the floor after showering. Moreover, because it is made of soft cotton fabric, it also possesses superb plasticity that is rarely found in other materials. It can make various kinds of three-dimensional planning changes according to the different needs of the owners. The cleaning method is also It's very simple, just like washing clothes. But since it is pure cotton, the price will be relatively high.

4, microfiber

Just look at the name, it is not difficult to guess, this is a relatively high-grade bathroom mat material types, in general, the main group of purchase is also in economic conditions better, pay more attention to the quality of life of high-income people. Indeed, it is expensive, and its water-absorbing ability is far more than that of general mats such as nylon or polyester. Even if it is compared with a pure cotton material, it should be 1.5-2 times higher than that of pure cotton. In addition to the superb ability to absorb water, it is also a very fine material, fineness can reach one-tenth of cotton, so it has an extraordinary soft touch.

Xiao Bian concludes: Everyone knows that if you want a floor mat to play in the bathroom to prevent slipping and accidents, the material has a crucial influence, so I hope that the several types of bathroom floor mats recommended by Xiao Bian can be selected today. Help everyone choose a slip-resistant and practical floor mat.

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