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What are the reasons that affect bearing oscillations?

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-13

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The main cause of the oscillation of the rolling bearing is the substantial oscillation and the oscillation caused by the bearing making error and the accuracy of the shaft and the seat hole.
1. The substantial oscillation of the bearing refers to a bearing that is completely free of shape errors, and exhibits a characteristic oscillation caused by an elastic touch between the ferrule and the tumbling body when the load is received. Includes:
(1) The rolling element passes through the oscillation (2) and the natural oscillation of the ferrule. Includes:
a. The angular natural oscillation b of the outer ring inertia moment system, the axial natural oscillation c of the outer ring mass system, and the tortuous natural oscillation of the bearing ring.
(3) Oscillation caused by the characteristics of the bearing tension spring: axial oscillation, radial oscillation, resonance of the bearing housing, and the like.
2. Bearings make oscillations caused by errors.
The inner and outer ring raceways and the tumbling outer surface of the rolling bearing have different wave-shaped machining marks-waviness in the circumferential direction, which is extremely important for the bearing oscillation, the induction of noise and the movement of the axis of the rotation. Elements. The oscillation caused by the waviness caused by the depressed processing marks may also occur when a bearing having no radial clearance or an axial load is applied to other bearings other than the ball bearing, and the wave number of the raceway waviness Many bearings can also occur when applied with radial loads.
3. The radial direction of the shaft and seat hole shape accuracy. The accuracy of the shape of the shaft and the seat hole is poor, and the ferrule of the bearing device will undergo deflection and deformation, so that the low-frequency oscillation is greater than the oscillation caused by the whip of the outer surface of the bearing. And the improper operation in the device process is also the reason that affects the bearing oscillation.
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