On April 23, Huang Zeyuan, deputy secretary of the Zhangye Municipal Committee and mayor, led a delegation from Zhangye, who was inviting investment in Guangdong, to inspect well-known enterprises such as Guangdong Mintou, Gaoxinxing, Guangyao Caizhilin, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and reached many cooperation consensus.
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Yuemin vote
Guangdong Mintou is a private investment consortium enterprise jointly invested by 16 enterprises including Guangdong Xianfeng Holdings, Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Midea Holding, Country Garden and Gaoxin. The business scope of the shareholders' business involves mineral development, pharmaceutical and chemical, and electronic communication. And many other industries. Huang Zeyuan introduced Zhang Hao's resource endowments, development ideas, key investment projects and preferential policies to the heads of the shareholders of Yuemin Investment. The chairman of the Guangdong Minmin Investment and the participating companies showed a wide range of interests and expressed their willingness to organize a delegation to Zhangye for a field visit as soon as possible to promote the project.
High emerging
Gao Xinxing is a high-tech listed company with smart city Internet of Things products and services as its main body. It has already cooperated with Zhang Wei as a social investor to build a smart city project. Huang Zeyuan and his entourage visited and inspected the projects of smart transportation and Internet of Things technology that have been built by Gaoxin, and reached a consensus on accelerating the construction of smart cities, giving play to the role of business investment, and expanding investment in cultural tourism.
Caizhilin is a leading enterprise in the Chinese medicine industry, which focuses on the construction, procurement and processing of Chinese herbal medicine bases. Huang Zeyuan and his party held talks with the general manager of Caizhilin Company. Huang Zeyuan introduced Zhang Hao's characteristics of agricultural resources, characteristics of industrial development, development advantages of Chinese medicine industry and key investment projects. He hoped to standardize the construction of Chinese herbal medicine planting base, coarse and fine processing of Chinese herbal medicines, western medicine market management and operation, and regional specialty drug number. Strengthen cooperation with Caizhilin in areas such as development and utilization. Liu Guowei, the general manager of Caizhilin, expressed strong interest in investing in Zhangye's Chinese medicine industry. The two sides also reached an agreement on establishing a contact mechanism and accelerating the project.

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