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35 years, the mission and responsibility of an emergency rescue person

- Kee Xiaowen, Chief Engineer, Mine Rescue Command Center

“The situation at the first site is very important. It is up to it to determine how to carry out rescue, which measures can be adopted and which cannot.”

“Rescuers must face their own responsibilities and the risks they face, understand professional knowledge, use technology to guide rescues, and adhere to the philosophy of 'the supremacy of life and scientific rescue'. Only effective prevention of unsafe factors and strict control of other factors will not touch Risk factors can only be successful."

“Every rescue success cannot be separated from the cooperation and cooperation of all rescue workers. Honor should belong to the collective and belong to the general emergency rescue commanders who are fighting at the grassroots level for years.”

When an accident occurs, escape is human instinct. However, some people find ways to enter the most dangerous place and persist in the end to save lives. This is the emergency rescue person.

"As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will not give up." Xiao Wenru, chief engineer of the Mine Rescue Command Center, believes that in the face of accident disasters, the concept of "people-oriented, life-first" is turned into a scientific rescue operation, not to abandon or give up. It is a manifestation of the superiority of China’s socialist system.

In the 35 years of emergency rescue work , he faced more than 700 accidents and rescued more than 1,000 trapped people. In Xiao Wenru's opinion, “If you engage in rescue, you must have a hard-working and courageous dedication, and you must dare to go deep into danger and charge ahead. Occupation needs us to do this. But the rescue cannot be blind, and it can't just rely on enthusiasm. This is a systematic project that combines professionalism, business, technology, and actual combat. It needs scientific decision-making and scientific rescue."

How to describe Xiao Wenru's 35 years? It was a painstaking and painstaking rescue operation. It was a thorough investigation and inspection at the grassroots level. It was a time to explore and practice the development of an emergency rescue system and mechanism for production safety.

Over the past 35 years, he has been conscious of the hardships and dangers of taking charge of the scientific and rigorous pragmatic style, and has used high-efficiency and professional rescue actions to interpret the lofty pursuit of life that serves the people wholeheartedly.

A red ochre

To fight for saving precious lives

It is difficult for ordinary people to imagine the difficulty of accident rescue work. A little inattentive, the various types of associated risks on the scene may become a scourge, endangering the lives of rescue workers.

“Rescuing the trapped people in an accident and protecting the last barrier for the life is an incumbent duty for rescue workers.” Reviewing his own rescue experience, Xiao Wenru said, “Every accident rescue is very difficult, but the moment people are rescued The joy and joy in our hearts is that we cannot do anything else. All our efforts are worth it."

In 1983 , at the age of 21 , he stepped out of the school and was assigned to the rescue team of the Shanxi Datong Mining Bureau as a technician. At that time, the production conditions of coal mines were arduous, and large and small accidents occurred from time to time. There was a big gap between the rescue work in “deep waters and hot waters” and the good taste of young people. It was the "Save lives in danger" action that brought him a strong sense of professional pride and identity, allowing him to eliminate the psychological gap and pressure.

“Death is what everybody will eventually face. What is truly terrible is the abnormal death. Especially young lives have passed away due to accidents, leaving eternal regrets and causing too much damage to their families.” Xiao Wenru once again saw the distressed miners’ family members waiting in the wellhead.

Deep feelings also came from the brother who died young in Britain. Xiao Wenru’s fourth brother was a criminal police officer. He died in 1988 and was only 29 years old. He could not forget the pain of losing loved ones. Since then, mother's tears have been flowing in his heart.

“The scene of the accident is a special battlefield. The rescue work is racing against the seconds. Each step is related to life and hope.” Xiao Wenru is unwilling to leave regrets in the rescue. The sense of responsibility has prompted him to constantly learn, train, accumulate, and improve.

On the one hand is the life of waiting for rescue, while the other is the environment of danger, this seems to be a contradiction. Xiao Wenru believes that this contradiction is what rescue workers must face. “Rescuers must face their own responsibilities and the risks they face, understand professional knowledge, use technology to guide rescues, and adhere to the philosophy of 'the supremacy of life and scientific rescue'. Only effective prevention of unsafe factors and strict control of other factors will not touch Risk factors can only be successful."

In those years of the Ambulance Team, he tried to "prevent risk with technology" and constantly explored new techniques for rescue and rescue. He led the engineers and technicians to complete the application of mining gypsum, rescue communication equipment, and computers in mine rescue operations. The experiment, promotion, and application of positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus established the “technical service rescue, technical guidance rescue, and technical advancement. "the rules.

In order to rationalize the relationship between rescue and security, he organized the rescue team's technical management responsibility system, technical operating procedures, and emergency exit safety measures to make the rescue team's daily training and rescue and disaster relief work in accordance with regulations, and regulate the behavior of the commanders and fighters. Increased emergency response capacity.

In the accident rescue, he was brave, hard-working, trained hard skills and accumulated a wealth of experience. He quickly grew from a ambulance member to a commander and an expert. He successively served as the squadron leader, deputy leader, and chief of the rescue team. engineer.

For many years, Xiao Wenru never gave up his insistence on the profession. He has published more than 30 academic papers on emergency rescue and promoted the use of many scientific research achievements. The "downhole fire extinguishing technology" he led and developed was awarded the second prize for Chinese youth scientific and technological progress...

Explore all the way

Witnesses and promoters

In recent years, China's mine safety production work and emergency rescue operations have achieved rapid development. Xiao Wenru is a witness and a participant and promoter. He once stood on a new starting point and faced new challenges and started the "Entrepreneurship" journey.

Resolutely vigorous, dare to dare to do, Xiao Wenru has many common characteristics of pioneers.

In August 2000, Deputy Director Xiaowen Ru transferred to the Office of Shanxi Datong Coal Supervisor Bureau, Datong offices involved in the preparation. The preparation work is very tedious and requires a lot of research and exploration. He measured his area with his feet and ran over 500 coal mines one by one. Faced with the mine owners' ignorance and non-cooperation, he talked about policy and reason and sought support.

In 10 months, he inspected two coal mines on an average day , sometimes three times a day , to find out the situation of coal mines in the area, and provided direction for the formulation and implementation of various measures. What is the degree of clarity? As long as you point out the mine name, its mining license number, production license number, mine location, affiliation, production capacity, disaster situation, and existing problems, he can speak out.

In January 2002, Xiao Wenru received notification Beijing to participate in the preparation of the mine rescue command center. After more than a year, he and his comrades of the preparatory group for the establishment of the center has done a lot of basic work.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Mine Rescue Command Center, Xiao Wenru presided over the work of the General Office and Technology Division. Although the tube two offices, but in reality he is the only one person, it is necessary to deal with party affairs, government affairs and technical work, but also to coordinate with relevant ministries, units formalities, but also the whole chapter formed, to primary research. Tired and tired, Xiao Wenru did not complain. Where do you have time to complain? He can't wait to split a minute into two.

Since then, Xiaowen Ru has been responsible for national security and emergency rescue command center technology and equipment at the Ministry of integrated, technology at work, in September 2014, served as chief engineer of the mine rescue command center.

He diligently pondered and explored, worked on building rules and regulations, combined with years of rescue experience, organized the drafting of "Guidelines for Mine Rescue Work", "Management Regulations for the Qualification Certification of Mine Rescue Teams," and "Administrative Regulations for Mine Ambulance Training" to participate in the "mining of mines". The "Regulations" were formulated and revised, and participated in the drafting of the "12th Five-Year Plan" for the National Emergency Production and Rescue Management, the "Overall Plan for the Construction of the National Mine Emergency Rescue Team," and the "Construction Conditions for the National Mine (Dangerous Chemicals) Emergency Rescue Base".

He visited the grassroots level again and again and made contributions to the construction of the national emergency rescue system for production safety, especially the construction of the national mine emergency rescue team.

"He combined his years of work experience with innovative practice, from the selection of the national mine emergency rescue team to the formulation of plans, equipment allocation, clear positioning of functions, coordination with localities, and put forward a large number of feasible recommendations, which have played a key role." Wang Wei, Technical Equipment Department of the Emergency Production and Rescue Command Center for Safe Production, said, “He is also actively involved in organizing the construction of rescue teams in other industries to contribute to the establishment of a rescue team system covering high-risk industries.”

Today, the national (regional) mine emergency rescue team and the dangerous chemical emergency rescue team have basically completed.

“This is a professional force that is well-trained, equipped with advanced equipment, and is capable of real combat. It is also first-rate internationally. In recent years, this rescue force has not only been responsible for accident rescue work such as mines and hazardous chemicals, but also earthquakes. Landslides, landslides, mudslides, and other natural disasters, and the collapse of buildings, are becoming more and more important,” said Xiao Wenru.

In the process of this rescue force's development and expansion, Xiao Wenru devoted a lot of effort and therefore has a deep feeling for it. He believes that: "As the safe production situation continues to improve steadily, this rescue force will face transformation issues. In the future, we should also improve the level of scientific and technological equipment, further rationalize the operating mechanism, and develop in a direction of multi-talented and comprehensive rescue. Urban rescue, comprehensive rescue."

Never before

There is a kind of persistent command

If you see Xiao Wenru at the scene of the accident, you probably don't recognize him. He may have just ascended the well and his face and body are full of coal dust. He has no time to clean it. He took the first-hand information obtained from the investigation into the well and went to the headquarters to study and formulate the rescue plan.

2004 February 23, Baixing Coal Mine in Jixi, Heilongjiang particularly significant gas explosion, Xiaowen Ru back respirator, led mine rescue team to go down to identify the cause, submitted a technical appraisal report, to create the conditions for the accident quickly closed.

2006 August 16, Rong Yang coal mine in Guizhou Province Xingren roof accident occurred. Xiao Wenru immediately went to the scene to guide the rescue. After 44 hours of rescue, all 12 trapped miners survived.

June 12, 2009, Shanxi Datong four old coal mine roof accidents occurred, Xiaowen Ru 2 times to reach the back of the respirator underground disaster area, rescue workers guide the proper use life detectors, timely adjustment of the direction of digging tunnel for the successful rescue eight trapped Miners play an important role.

March 28, 2010, China Shanxi Coking Coal Group in Shanxi flooded mine flooding accident occurred particularly significant. Xiao Wenru went on 5 guided rescues, especially at the critical stage of the rescue work. He used a breathing apparatus on the back of the man to investigate and learned first-hand information to provide a basis for leading scientific decision-making and to work closely with local government officials. The action plan contributed to the successful rescue of 115 trapped mines.

2012 August 29, Xiaojiawan coal mine in Panzhihua particularly significant gas explosion. The work surface was severely drowned and cleaned up. Xiao Wenru went down 4 times to coordinate and guide rescue...

In times of rescue, as long as there are conditions, Xiao Wenru will go down to understand the disaster and guide rescue. People familiar with him all said that Lao Xiao’s courage was really big. He was not like a leading cadre, but more like a basic ambulance fighter.

“He always insists that only when he goes down the trench to investigate the first-hand situation, the rescue plan will be more targeted and the rescue operation will be more effective. When the rescue encounters difficulties, he does not hesitate to find out the reasons and guide the rescue.” Mine rescue command center relief office Dai Qihao said.

"Rescue can't be brave. It's important to find a balance between courage and timidness." Xiao Wenru has already scientifically and rigorously integrated it into the blood. "The situation at the first site is very important. How can we carry out rescue and what measures can be adopted?" And what can't be decided by it."

March 29, 2013, Jilin Tonghua Eight coal mine gas explosion occurred particularly significant. Xiao Wenru analyzed the gas data and concluded that the combustion in the downhole fire zone was violent and the implementation of the closure would definitely result in an explosion. Faced with a number of local experts, he vehemently rejected the plan of the closed fire zone established by the expert group, and clearly proposed and proposed that the provincial government strictly prohibit anyone from going into the well and demonstrated superb technical skills.

a banner

Explaining what you are doing with action

This year of 2017 is one of thirty-five percent of Xiao Wenru’s rescue career. This year, he was 55 years old and participated in accident rescue 7 times . He has played an important role in successfully rescued more than 100 trapped people with solid professional skills and rich rescue experience .

October 18, 2017, Fuxin Wanda underground coal mine flooding accident, 83 people were trapped. Xiao Wenru went down 2 times and continued to adhere to the front line of emergency rescue for 11 hours, providing important support for scientific decision-making and command. In the underground, he found that the rescue site lacked unified command, unprofessional drainage teams, insufficient rescue force, and inadequate guardianship personnel. After raising the well, they immediately reported to the on-site command post, and proposed to mobilize professional drainage teams, enrich rescue forces, and adjust and optimize rescue operations. The proposal of the program. When the gas concentration in the workplace reached 3.5% and continued to rise, he proposed to take decisive measures to adjust the ventilation system, strictly control the air pressure, and strengthen real-time monitoring of gas, so as to effectively control the gas concentration below 4% , and ensure that the trapped people and the rescue Personnel security. At 5:18 on October 20, after all rescue workers struggling to rescue 83 trapped miners were rescued.

September 14, 2017, in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan jade grinding railway tunnel collapse occurred, nine people were trapped. The mountainous road was narrow. Xiao Wenru stepped on the mud and walked to observe it. He reported the road traffic situation to the headquarters and instructed the local traffic police to control the passing vehicles so that trucks carrying large rescue equipment could pass through preferentially, allowing the large borehole drilling rig to enter the rescue scene in time. . In the sweltering tunnel, he stayed at the collapsed site and instructed the rescue team to study, formulate, and implement an effective drilling rescue program. 55 points, all the trapped people were rescued at 12:16 on September days.

Dai Qihao followed Xiao Wenru to participate in the rescue. "The rainstorm that day, the muddy road, the ambulance wheels slipped, he took everyone to push the ambulance to the high slope of the tunnel, and took the nine rescued people together ."

On the site of the “ 9 · 30 ” collapse of the Yingerling Tunnel at Hebei Rongwu Expressway , Xiao Wenru directed local and corporate personnel to carry out effective rescue operations. He proposed rescue measures to optimize the operation of small pilots and shifts, and provided important support for accelerating the progress of the rescue and ensuring safety. In the final 100 hours, all 9 trapped people were rescued.

The rescue warrior is just as strong as iron, but it also has flesh and blood. June 24, 2017, Sichuan Maoxian sudden mountain collapsed. Xiao Wenru led the working group to bring the slope slope radar to the scene to ensure the safety of the rescue environment. When the rescue workers in the disaster area had a panic-retreat, he calmly and accurately studied the sentence and led the working group and the local security personnel into the work area, playing an important role in stabilizing the people and quickly quelling the panic. Many people do not know that due to excessive fatigue and exposure to the sun, he had symptoms of high blood pressure, dizziness, etc. He took pills after taking cold water and pills.

“He took the respirator out of the well and gave the young comrades around him an appealing lesson, which gave young comrades a clearer understanding of their responsibilities. He always asked himself to be a member of the Communist Party, regardless of his standards. Being tired, not afraid of danger, and directing on the front, is an example for us to learn,” said Wang Wei.

The nation’s mine rescue model, the outstanding member of the National Safety Production Emergency Rescue Command Center, and the outstanding member of the State Administration of Safety Supervision have learned that Xiao Wenru experienced thrilling rescue when he saw one of the recognition notices and honorary certificates. After the death of Four Brothers, the mother learned that the relief work was very risky. He had firmly opposed him to go on. She was too afraid to lose another son.

Xiao Wenru always reported that he did not report worry, and often told his family that he was going to a local business trip and study for a few days. Thus, when seeing news reports about the accident, the family did not know that he had arrived at the scene of the accident and had directed the rescue downhole.

The scene of the accident may change at any time. Rescue workers must consider various possibilities in advance. Xiao Wenru apparently brought this habit to daily life. He left a suicide note in his office. "In the event of an accident, he must always have an account of his family." There is also a suitcase in the office so that he can “say away and go” after receiving a rescue mission.

January 26, 2018, the State Administration of Work Safety Party Group decided to give Xiaowen Ru record second-class power. In the face of honor, Xiao Wenru said: “I just did what an ordinary emergency rescue worker and a party leader and cadre should do. Every rescue success cannot be achieved without the cooperation and cooperation of all rescue workers. Honor should belong to the collective and belong to the vast number of emergency rescue commanders who always fight at the grassroots level."

This is Xiao Wenru, a communist member who remembers the mission, serves as a dedication, and an emergency rescue worker who fulfills his duties and responsibilities. In one rescue scene, he stood at the scene and stood upright at the same height as the same banner. He fought hard again and again and again and again.

This article is reproduced from the China Emergency Management Report.

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