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Ceramic bearings have the following unique advantages over all steel bearings.

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-30

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These years; the research and development of ceramic bearings in the country and the table have achieved rich results and substantial development. They have been used in machine tools, chemical engineering, aerospace and other fields and have produced peculiar results.
Ceramic bearings have the following unique advantages over all-steel bearings:
1, the speed and speed can be high - can work under the condition that the dn value exceeds 3 million; and the slip, wear and heat can be reduced,
2, long life and wear resistance - the fatigue life of all ceramic bearings is expected to be 10-50 times longer than all steel bearings; hybrid ceramic bearings; lifespan is also 3-5 times higher than the life of all steel bearings,
3, the required smoothness is small - the ceramic material has a low friction coefficient; the oil-smooth ceramic bearing is used; in the case of smooth oil thinning or lean oil; its smoothness is still not lower than the traditional smoothing agent commonly used in steel bearings,
4, wear-resistant - because the ceramic materials are lazy data; it is more resistant to corrosion and wear,
5, the rigidity is large - because the ceramic material has a high modulus of elasticity; its rigidity is 15-20% larger than that of a general steel bearing.
6, high temperature resistance - all ceramic bearings can work at temperatures above 500.C,
7, low torque - according to the layout; the torque of ceramic bearings is reduced by about 1/3,
8, non-magnetic and non-conductive - ceramic bearings can be protected from magnetic and electrical hazards.
With the deepening of the discussion and the breaking of many production techniques; the prospect of using ceramic bearings in the fields of high speed, high temperature and corrosion resistance will be very impressive.

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