If we buy people now, we will install Yuba in our bathroom. The Yuba brand is very diverse. We installed Yuba. It is very convenient for us to take a bath in winter. We need a good brand when we buy Yuba. This way we will be relieved of his quality problems. But we also need to know the price of Yuba. When we want to buy Yuba, we can prepare our expenses in advance. Below I will give you a big introduction to the Aupu Yuba installation .


Founded in 1993, Aopu Yuba is a famous trademark brand in Zhejiang. Aopu Yuba is the standard drafting unit of our Yuba industry, and it is a large-scale sanitary ware production base in China. Mainly to produce non-verbal electrification products. It is also a listed company. Aopu Yuba is our star product.

The main products are Yuba, bath top and ventilation fan, etc. It is also the largest sanitary ware production base in Asia. It is the originator of China's production of sanitary ware, research and development of China's first heating, lighting, ventilation, these three functions as one of the Yuba. Aopu has always been committed to making the world's best bathroom products. It is the drafting unit of the national standard for bathing and bathing in China. There are other products that are also drafting units of China's national standards. It has effectively promoted the development of China's sanitary industry and the growth of China's economy. Increased China's GDP, our Aopu Yuba has more than 150 national patents. Received multiple security certificates on the lighter. He has won several awards such as “China Small Appliances Originality Award” and “China Appliance Technology Innovation Award”.


The inside of innovation is design to make life better. A professional team develops and manufactures meticulously. After 20 years of development. Cooperate with many foreign companies to design scientific research institutions. Leading the market for bathroom heating with excellent quality and perfect service. It is the leader of China's sanitary ware brand, and has created the myth that the market sales volume has been the first for 10 years.

Aopu has 24 branches in China, more than 1,000 stores and more than 4,000 outlets, and more than 10 million people around the world use Aopu products. It is enough to show that the quality of the Op is very good. The price is also very good. It is our first choice when choosing a bathroom brand.


Arrangements have always driven the development of our industry. Strict control of the products of the factory, careful planning and listing operations. There is also feedback on market information. Let partners and consumers are assured. Aopu continues to innovate in the market for exemplary products. Become the benchmark of the industry.

Aopu Yuba installation price?

Yuba is actually a very ordinary thing, so the price is also the price of civilians, the general price is around 400, we must decide the price according to our selection brand. Expensive at around 800 or even more expensive is more expensive. More expensive technology will be included. But these prices will not put too much pressure on our consumers. We can choose to buy according to our own preferences.

The above is related to the introduction of the Aupu Yuba, and his quality is not very good, and the price of Yuba, we want to buy Yuba readers can take a look at this article. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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