In the process of our decoration, it is necessary to master some home improvement processes and precautions, because we only have to master these, and we will be able to make it easier in the future decoration process, and will avoid the decoration. At that time, because we don't understand and regret, then, Xiaobian will introduce you to everyone, what are the home improvement process and precautions , and what is the style of home decoration.


First, the home improvement process and what are the precautions

1, home improvement process introduction

(1) When decorating a house, we need to choose and design the overall style of the house. We can choose a professional design company to design, or we can design it according to our own needs.

(2) After confirming the decoration style and drawings, then we should choose the decoration company. It is a must to negotiate with the decoration company on the decoration content and the way of contracting.

(3) When negotiating with the decoration company about the decoration content and the method of contracting, if you choose to let the decoration company contract labor, then we only need to choose the price of the material brand, but if you choose to let the decoration company contract, Then choosing decoration materials is what we have to do ourselves.

2, home improvement notes introduction

(1) In the early stage of the renovation, we must make a comprehensive measurement of the house we are going to decorate. For example, measuring the area of ​​the tile, the area of ​​the floor, the area of ​​the paint and the area of ​​the wallpaper, etc., these things must be done. So everyone must pay attention.


(2) At the beginning of the construction period, the main body is being demolished because we can't do it casually, because the load-bearing wall is not movable, so you must remember to change it if you can't change it. Listen to the opinions of many professionals.

Second, the home improvement style recommended

1. To talk about the style of home decoration, first let's talk about the modern minimalist style. It is composed of curves and asymmetric lines. The lines are soft and elegant, some are vigorous and rhythmic, and use iron in large quantities. The components are made of new technologies such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as wrought iron products and ceramic products, which are widely used by many young friends.

2, the faint rural style is also a kind of decoration style that many friends will like. This style attaches great importance to the performance of nature, but different gardens have different natures, and then a variety of furniture styles are derived. European style, and even the pastoral style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics, each with its own beauty. Mainly divided into English and French two rural styles.

The above article is a small series for everyone to introduce about, home improvement process and precautions, what is the style of home improvement, I hope to read the above article or will help the pro, if you want to understand, more For more home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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