There are a lot of young people who want to buy a house now. No wife wants to go to the building. One hundred women can’t come out. All are for the sake of our future life. Therefore, the current house prices are rising day by day, there is no trend of price cuts, and it is good to not raise prices. Then some of us will buy a small duplex building when we buy a house. How do you need to decorate a small duplex ?


Small duplex decoration points?

We must first understand what kind of pattern the small compound is. The small compound is much smaller than our villa apartment. But it is not a single layer, it still has a floor above, but the area is relatively small. Some may only be 40 square meters. How to decorate the small duplex decoration?

1, simplifying and simplifying

It is to simplify our very messy placement. Don't buy furniture items that you don't have to buy. . It is best not to do what interval and partition, the place is small, and if you put a lot of things, it really takes up the place. Therefore, the best decoration for our room is a bit simple. It doesn't look very messy. If you do more, it is very occupied. It is best to see the bottom of the room. People feel that the room is not so small, buy more boxes that can be stored, and store the sundries inside. Let our space look neat. generous. Bright


2, the main tone of color

Do not use a lot of colors in the color, it is better to be as simple as possible. If the color is too much, it will make people feel that the space is very messy and people have a dazzling feeling. It is best to choose a hue on the choice of color. It is best to choose the cool color to make the main tone. For example, white, light pink, sky blue, beige, and so on. It is best to choose the same color for the floor. It will make our space look great.

What do you pay attention to in small duplex decoration?

1, smallpox


The roof of the current apartment is not very high, generally 3M is normal, it is relatively oppressive for small units. So we can't do too complicated when doing ceilings. It is best not to design too much ceiling, the simpler the better, we can also do not use the ceiling, directly with wood, or integrated ceiling. The ceiling made is not simple and full of personality.

2, color

We should avoid top-heavy when decorating, and the color should be deeper and shallower. You can choose wooden floor or mosaic, which can maximize our space and increase our sense of space. It is better not to have too bright light in the choice of light, so there will be no privacy in the whole space. Generally, the use of darker colors will make the space look mysterious and spacious, and the warm color of the yellow is the best. Choose some chic on the shape of the lamp, and the personality is very good. Our sense of fashion has also increased.

3, furniture

Furniture is also essential, but we should not choose too large furniture appliances in the choice, first some light furniture, TV choice hanging, mobile sofa, storage table, storage items bed. Let our space be fully utilized. It is best to buy furniture in the vertical direction, and the horizontal ones will show that our space is crowded. Let us visually increase the sense of space.

The above is to say that our small complex decoration, need to pay attention to the color of the mix, the choice of furniture and so on and many other issues. After reading the above article, everyone should know a lot. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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