Form: Polyethylene Wax Is Available as Pellets,Powders O
Melting Point: 97-115 Deg.C
Trademark: Neutral
Transport Package: 25kg/Woven Bag(Granular, Powder)
Origin: Liaoning
PE WAX in Paper Chemicals/PE WAX for Textile Auxiliary Agents
     Polyethylene wax /Polypropylene wax act as activator and dispersing material for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS resins.

    Waxes are mainly dispersions of polyethylene's hydrocarbons, or vegetable and animal waxes in the vehicle system used. They impart slip and scuff resistance to ink films.Lately, polyolefinic waxes are also used directly in micro-pulverised form.

    The addition of Polyethylene wax to hydrocarbon waxes increases the melting points of such waxes to a marked degree. These waxes are compatible with petroleum and other waxes.PE Wax in Paper Chemicals/PE Wax for Textile Auxiliary Agents

1. Use in textile sector

        Polyethylene wax emulsions are stable softeners. Polyethylene is present in the emulsion in the form of dispersion of fine particles in water.
        Usually a non ionic emulsifier is used to emulsify polyethylene because it is compatible with most finishing ingredients. These emulsions tolerate the presence of acids,polyvalent metal salts, amine hydrochlorides, resin precondensates etc.


2.Use in food packaging sector

        Low molecular weight polyethylenes having wax like properties are used in conjunction with petroleum waxes in food packaging applications.


3.Use in coating sector

        Waxes have a long history of use in printing inks, paints and coatings. They impart mark and scratch resistance, improved slip, rub resistance and water repellancy. The main characteristics to consider when selecting a wax are its particle size, hardness and melting point. Waxes are commonly added to a maximum level of 0.25% to 2.0% of the ink or
coating formulation.

4.Use in inks sector
      Rub resistance/scratch resistance: Waxes, including polyethylenes are employed as additives to almost every ink type which encompasses letterpress, lithographic, gravure and flexgraphic. Thus, the waxes are used from dispersions in a wide variety of solvents ranging from oils, aliphatics and aromatics to glycols and water.

PE Wax in Paper Chemicals/PE Wax for Textile Auxiliary Agents

Quality Control:
PE Wax in Paper Chemicals/PE Wax for Textile Auxiliary Agents

Polyethylene wax can be made in two main grades, emulsifiable and non emulsifiable ones.

     Emulsifiable polyethylene wax:-
     Emulsifiable polyethylene wax is an important textile processing chemical

     Emulsifiable polyethylene wax is used in textile finishing, leather auxilliaries, cosmetics, crayons, polishes, paper coating, adhesives and packing industry. It is an important textile processing chemical.

    Non emulsifiable polyethylene wax:-

    Non emulsifiable polyethylene wax is used as carriers for pigment concentrates,lubricants for plastics and elastomers, paints and printing ink industry.
PE Wax in Paper Chemicals/PE Wax for Textile Auxiliary Agents

Packaging Details 25kg PP woven bag or up to our customers' needs Factory supply pe wax price
Delivery Time Shipped in 10-15 days after payment

PE Wax in Paper Chemicals/PE Wax for Textile Auxiliary Agents

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9000 Lbs Electric Winch

The capacity of offroad winches differ from 2000lbs to 20000lbs. Normally winch line pull below 5000lbs are for UTV/ATV, winch line pull between 8000lbs and 15000 lbs are for cars like Jeeps, winches over 15000lbs are designed for trucks. Below are some 4X4 winches for sale.

13000lbs winch

There are also DC electric hydraulic winches from 10000lbs t0 20000lbs. To install such winches, hydraulic pumps are needed.

Car Winches or electrical 4x4 winches, they are commonly available with either a 12V DC or a 24 V DC confirm the winch voltage you need before buying a winch. And the voltage does not affect the winch motor housing shape, however the inside motor quality sometimes will. There`s almost no difference between the price of 12v and 24v.

Electric Recovery Winches are powered by a motor that runs off either your vehicle's battery or power steering pump. The vehicle's battery power is transferred through the winch's motor to the gear train, causing the winch drum to rotate the rope or cable in a rapid spinning motion.

When choose an electric winch, take the maximum load that you expect to winch and multiply it by 1.5, then you`ll know which one to choose.

The weight rating of these off road winches is based on the first wrap of the cable around the drum. With each layer of cable, the pull capacity actually drops, so when in doubt, go larger. Below is an example of winch performance of each layer for your reference.

Besides, if you need a fast speed winch, pls also take a look at the gear ratio your suppliers offered. As for winches in 12000lbs, the normal gear ratio is 265:1, if you prefer fast speed, you may choose 158:1, which means the actually line of pull may be smaller at the same time.

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