Analysis of characteristics of biomass hot blast stove

Analysis of characteristics of biomass hot blast stove

1. Indirect heating to produce clean hot air:

The hot air temperature can reach 300 degrees, which is the best choice for some baking heating industry. Such as painting industry, coating machine, printing machine, electroplating industry, wood drying, sausage drying, washing and drying, greenhouse heating, printing machine, agricultural products drying, chicken house heating.

2, energy saving:

The hot blast stove adopts a four-furnace and six-return design, which has a large heating area and high thermal efficiency. The boiling semi-gasification combustion technology is combined with a reasonable flue gas flow rate to further improve the boiler thermal efficiency. In addition, the fuel wood biomass particles used in the hot blast stove itself are new environmentally friendly fuels supported by the state and are a renewable resource. It has the characteristics of high calorific value, low cost and wide source. Its operating cost is only one quarter of that of an electric boiler and less than one-half of that of a fuel (gas) boiler.

3. Environmental protection:

Using biomass wood pellet fuel, SO2 almost reaches zero emission, soot emission concentration is less than 50mg/m3, smoke blackness is less than Ringermann grade I, and all indicators meet the national first-class regional environmental protection standards. If dust is removed by a cyclone, complete dust-free emissions can be achieved. It is the most environmentally friendly combustion equipment.

4, high degree of automation:

The digital integrated controller designed by Longxin Technology can automatically control the combustion conditions according to user settings, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic starting and stopping. The operation is simple and convenient.

5, reliable quality and safety:

The combustion chamber and Heat Exchange Tube are made of special high temperature resistant stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel or high temperature resistant aluminum alloy material, long service life, high standard, high quality auxiliary machine, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure hot air stove Safe and stable operation.

6. The overall structure of the hot blast stove is compact, easy to install, low failure rate, low noise, and beautiful appearance design.

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