With the continuous advancement of science and technology, in order to meet the different needs of users, the types and types of electric hoists manufactured by enterprises are increasing. Many people will first understand the relevant technical knowledge of the product before buying the electric hoist. According to the types of electric hoists that are proposed by netizens, the small series compiles the related content by consulting the relevant materials and hopes to be helpful to everyone. According to the composition of the electric hoist, it is mainly composed of a motor, a rotating mechanism, a reel, and a sprocket. Here we divide the electric hoist into four types according to the installation position of the motor and the reel.

1. The characteristics of the electric hoist adopting the turbine rotating device are as follows: The axis of the motor is perpendicular to the axis of the reel. This type of electric hoist is relatively large in size, heavy in structure, low in working efficiency, and difficult to process. Nowadays, this type The electric hoist was almost eliminated by the market.

2. The electric hoist with the axis of the motor parallel to the axis of the reel. The height and length dimension of the electric hoist of this type is relatively large, but the defect is that the width dimension is small. The manufacturing technology of this type of electric hoist is relatively complicated, and the radius of the turn of the track is required to be increased.

3. The electric hoist installed on the inside of the drum. The biggest feature of this type of electric hoist is its relatively small size and compact structure. However, it has the characteristics of poor heat dissipation, inconvenience in installation, maintenance and other operations. The power supply device is more complicated.

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