With the improvement of people's living standards, the renovation of a house is not just a simple decoration, we can determine the decoration style according to their own preferences. However, many homeowners do not have a special understanding of interior design, and feel very confused when preparing for renovations. It does not matter, the following small series for everyone to introduce the common interior decoration style , hope to help everyone through the following introduction.

First, interior decoration style - modern minimalist style

The modern minimalist style compares the current popular style. In pursuit of fashion and trend, we pay great attention to the perfect combination of layout and function of living space. Emphasizes that the interior space is spacious and transparent inside and out. As much as possible without decorating and canceling unnecessary items, special parts without any practical value and any decorations will increase the construction cost, emphasizing that the form should serve more functions.

Second, interior decoration style - Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style is a typical representative of the marine style decoration. It is named because of its rich cultural style and geographical characteristics in the Mediterranean. It reflects the transparency of the space through continuous arches, horseshoe windows, etc. in the space design. It also uses the color scheme of the base color of the ocean's blue color, the clever use of natural light, and the streamlines and dreamy lines. Soft outfit features to express its romantic feelings; freedom, nature, romance and leisure are the essence of Mediterranean style decoration.

Third, interior decoration style - Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian style is full of Zen and contains deep Thai classical culture, so it gives people the characteristics of Zen, nature and freshness. The Southeast Asian style is dominated by the original pure natural material with the taste of a tropical jungle. In the shade, the natural color of the natural material is maintained, and most of them are dark lines such as brown, giving the viewer a sense of dirt and rustic. Although the style of Southeast Asian style is strong, it must not be too messy.

Fourth, interior decoration style - Chinese style

The Chinese style is decorated with dark colors. The interior adopts a symmetrical layout, elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, rich and mature colors. Pursue a kind of self-cultivation of the realm of life. The characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration arts are symmetrical and balanced overall layout, and they are sound and stable.

Fifth, interior decoration style - Japanese style

Japanese style pursues a leisurely and casual life style. Space modeling is extremely simple, with clear lines in the design. The great feature of the style is versatility. For example, placing a desk in the daytime becomes a living room, putting a tea set on it becomes a tearoom, and bedding in the evening becomes a bedroom.

Six, interior decoration style - European style

The European style mainly emphasizes the change of the linear flow, with gorgeous colors. The decoration materials are often marble, colorful fabrics, wall hangings, etc. The style is luxurious, rich, elegant and intimate. The combination of luxury, elegance, harmony, comfort and romance is loved by more and more owners.

Conclusion: Through the above introduction, we should have a general understanding of the interior decoration style . Everyone's preferences are different and can be designed according to personal preferences. But it must be based on the structure, do not blindly, if the blind design, then the decoration of the house will not look beautiful and characteristic.

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