Turbo-molecular pumps offer the advantages of fast start-up, resistance to various types of radiation, resistance to atmospheric shocks, no gas storage and desorption, no oil vapor contamination or minimal contamination, resulting in clean Ultra-high vacuum. Turbomolecular pumps are widely used today in manufacturing processes requiring high vacuum, such as high energy accelerators, controlled thermonuclear reactors, heavy particle accelerators, and vacuum coatings. Understanding such products, must be familiar with its relevant parameters, so that for the subsequent work will be of great assistance. Turbomolecular pump next describes several of its main parameters: 1, compression ratio: compression ratio is the pump outlet pressure for a given gas inlet pressure ratio. 2, Ho coefficient: Pump pumping area on the actual pumping speed and molecular effusion calculated by the ratio of the theoretical pumping speed. 3, the pumping speed coefficient: the actual pumping speed of the pump and the entrance of the numerator according to molecular effusion calculated theoretical pumping speed ratio. 4, the reflux rate: pump back flow rate unit is g / cm2.s. It refers to the pump when the required conditions work, through the pump inlet unit area pump flow mass flow rate. 5, the pump before the pressure: molecular vacuum pump pressure unit before the stage is Pa, it refers to the exhaust pressure below one atmosphere of molecular vacuum pump outlet pressure. With the increasing demand of vacuum pumps in the market, the development and innovation of turbomolecular pump parameters are imminent. Many professionals are aware that further research on their relevant parameters is necessary for the future development of molecular vacuum pumps and believe in the joint efforts of all parties Under the turbo pump in the near future will be the main force of the vacuum pump. Related articles: Traction molecular pump parameters Molecular vacuum pump parameters

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