Waterproofing in the bathroom is a major focus in home decoration. How to make the bathroom waterproof in the decoration process, I believe many households are waiting for it. Today, Xiaobian gives you a deep analysis of the bathroom, and you are comfortable and comfortable. Bathroom space!

Bathroom leakage causes the leakage of the bathroom and even the roof generally for the following reasons:

1. Cracks occur in rubber concrete;

2. After the waterproof layer is completed, the subsequent process destroys the waterproof layer (applied brick);

3, the use of poor waterproof materials (cheap no good goods);

4, did not do as required waterproof layer or waterproof layer thickness (> 1.2mm);

5, did not do node processing as required (node ​​processing is not good);

6, the decoration slotted buried pipe damages the original waterproof layer causing water leakage;

7. When the waterproofing is done, the base surface does not meet the requirements, and there are phenomena such as sand and looseness;

8. The shrinkage of water pipes and cement produces cracks.

Waterproof material for bathroom waterproofing

The main reason for water leakage is caused by the failure of the waterproof coating used, so the purchase of waterproof coating is especially important.

At present, there are two major types of waterproof materials on the market: one is polyurethane waterproof coating; the other is polymer cement based waterproof coating.

Polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market. Polyurethane waterproofing is the main waterproof performance of the waterproof market. It is basically eliminated because of its non-environmental protection. Cement mortar is one of the emerging waterproof materials. It is quite a fire material currently sold. General waterproof materials are recommended for waterproofing kitchens and bathrooms. The earliest and largest application of acrylics is in environmentally friendly paints and coatings.

Waterproof construction technology for bathroom waterproofing

1. Before the renovation of the bathroom, first determine the design of the water circuit, and must consider the possibility, feasibility and availability of the design. First, the water and electricity heating pipes will be laid and leveled.

2. When doing waterproof construction of the bathroom, the base layer should be treated first. Remove the original decoration materials, clean up the floating soil and cement, first flatten the ground with cement mortar, and then do waterproof treatment, requiring the surface to be flat and dry. This can prevent leakage of the waterproof coating due to uneven thickness.

3. When applying waterproof coating, it should be evenly painted. There should be no leakage, lifting and falling off. The thickness of the waterproof coating should not be less than 1.2mm, otherwise it will affect the waterproof effect.

4. Pay attention to the waterproof dead angle during construction, the joint between the wall and the joint between the water pipe and the ground, which is the most prone to problems.

5. After the waterproof layer of the bathroom is finished, block all the sewers in the bathroom, build a 25cm high ridge at the door, and then fill the bathroom with 20cm high water.

6. After 24 hours, check whether there are any leakage on the surrounding wall and the ground. If there is leakage, it needs to be repaired in time. After repairing, do the 24-hour water test without leakage to enter the next stage of construction.

7. After the water-shielding test is completed, it usually takes 5-7 days (the waterproof coating takes 5 to 7 days to form the waterproof film), and then a layer of cement mortar is applied on the waterproof coating layer, and the waterproof coating is applied. The layer is used for protection, and the second layer is convenient for the tile, so be careful not to damage the waterproof coating layer that has been prepared.

8. After the protective layer of cement mortar is dry, it can be paved with wall tiles or spray paint or paved with anti-wallpaper for normal decoration.

After reading the "waterproof depth analysis of the bathroom and you are a comfortable bathroom", everyone has a certain understanding of the waterproof construction process of the bathroom. I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian will be useful to everyone when you are renovating.

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