According to the 2013 Tmall data show, the total transaction volume of the Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Carnival in 1 minute is 116,896,436 yuan, and the total turnover is 339,200. According to the real-time data provided by Ali Group, the opening of the event was 55 seconds, and the amount of activity Alipay broke 100 million. Double eleven gradually became a shopping carnival, online shopping home building materials have also become the new favorite of Tmall. As a loyal shopaholic, Xiao Bian specially interviewed the professionals of the shower room manufacturer to sort out the precautions for buying a shower room. The general situation is as follows:

Why are more and more shower room manufacturers choosing to test water and electricity?

Ali's success is also the success of e-commerce. In the long run, e-commerce will be an inevitable trend of enterprise development. Online and offline forms a close relationship, but they are different from each other. Online sales, offline will not die, large companies such as Daphne genuine discount stores have realized online and offline operating modes. Ma Yun once said, "The physical store will never die, but the online store represents the trend of today and tomorrow."

There are three main reasons for this kind of operation mode: First, online shopping, there is no way to achieve face-to-face transactions, and can not form a trust transaction. E-commerce can only compete for cost-effectiveness, and the product is a price war. Second, the price war, only the manufacturers can achieve the e-commerce model. Third, e-commerce is the inevitable development of the times. “The shower room is a part of the traditional industry. In order to broaden the channels of corporate brand operation in the market, e-commerce will be an inevitable corporate decision.” Mr. Yi, the head of the Santa E-commerce business unit, said in an interview recently. .

Price is the preferred advantage of online shopping shower room, professional is the essence.

The price is the first eye-catching element in the online sale of shower rooms. Double eleven, because of the participation of various businesses and consumers, is no longer a lonely Singles Day. Competition between merchants, a price war without smoke. Throughout the price of the products in the shower room Tmall store, double 11 discounts can be seen everywhere, which is cheaper which is king. However, there is a small tip to tell everyone that online shopping must pay attention to shop around, to prevent some unscrupulous businesses from deliberately rising first and then falling.

Professionalism has also gradually moved to the Internet. Installation is a shower room problem involving complex measurement, pre-buried stone foundation, measurement, and installation. If it is not designed for network design, it is necessary for professional installers to install it on site. The large-scale Tmall flagship store can measure delivery and provide installation services in the same city. Large shower room brands such as Faenza, Lance and St. Lia can be realized.

Shower room Tmall shop basically has a detailed bathroom structure map and installation instructions, simulate the bathroom composition, detailing the shower room left or right open, it is best to buy left open right, save a lot of trouble. Of course, the professional drawings will make you have to secretly sneak a sneak peek: buy it! Anyway, just in the double eleven, engage in specials, still so professional.

Buy shower room tips:

First, before buying a shower room, be sure to measure accurately. Under normal circumstances, a measurement error of 1 - 2 cm is allowed. It is best to measure accurately and try to avoid errors. After all, the shower room is not a luxury, but a daily necessities, basically available every day, be careful!

Second, support genuine, must buy high-profile shower room manufacturers products. The reputation of a product formed in the consumer is definitely not on the rise. It must have its outstanding product quality requirements. Buying genuine products can ensure the safety of shower room products.

Third, when buying a shower room, it is best to choose a standard room. Although the non-standard is good, the price of the product is more expensive. The standard shower room is basically sold at the whole price, but the non-standard shower room is calculated on a square basis, and the price is very uneconomical.

Fourth, try to buy in the double eleven, double twelve, oh, the price you know! The major businesses to seize this great opportunity, desperately engaged in promotional å‘—, anyway, the shower room is a necessities of life, genuine still so cheap Why don't you buy it?

Fifth, the stone base should be selected! The stone base has different colors. When selecting the stone base, it must be matched according to the floor tiles of the bathroom. Black is dirt-resistant, but not necessarily suitable for all floor tiles; white is good-looking, but not dirty. Basically, it depends on personal choice.

Sixth, the most important thing to buy a shower room is to look at the installation. Before buying a shower room, be sure to look carefully at the installation. The complicated shower room installation will see you crying, especially the laymen we are basically in a state of incomprehension. Buy a complicated shower room and look for installers everywhere. Therefore, the online shopping shower room depends on the store that has a special package to install or find a "easy-to-install" shower room to buy, but currently in the shower room Tmall store, the only "easy-to-install" shower room is the Santa Lea Tmall store.

Seven, logistics should be cautious. This is also the focus of online shopping shower room, shower room is different from other products, is a large-scale logistics products, must be optimistic about logistics when buying. Generally, the shower room can basically reach the urban logistics point, and the goods are delivered to the prefecture-level city. Some large shower room companies can realize offline service.

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