Japanese scientists use reed to build batteries

The reed is a aquatic or wet sedge herb that has been used for many years. The Industrial Technology Center in the northeastern Shiga Prefecture, Japan, announced that they have used activated carbon made from reeds as the electrode material for capacitors and have successfully fabricated button-capacitor batteries, which have higher storage capacity than existing capacitors using coconut shell activated carbon. A capacitor battery is a power storage technology that uses a double layer phenomenon to store charge. This kind of battery is actually a capacitor, but the capacity is much larger than the usual capacitor.

Compared with a battery that generates electric energy through a chemical reaction, a capacitor battery has a longer life and a short charging time, and is widely used in mobile phones and audio-visual equipment. However, because it only stores charge on the surface of the electrode, the storage capacity is lower than that of a chemical battery.

The Industrial Technology Center in the northeastern Shiga Prefecture has previously developed techniques for making reeds into activated carbon. They noticed that the capacitor batteries used in cell phones and other batteries generally use coconut shell activated carbon to make electrodes, and the surface area of ​​reed activated carbon is more than twice that of coconut shell activated carbon, so they think it is possible to store more electricity, for this reason from 2012 Years began with related research.

The researchers sprayed the gas on the reeds and subjected it to high heat treatment to obtain activated carbon with tiny holes. The thin-walled electrodes were then coated thinly on the copper foil to make a disk-shaped electrode, and finally a button-cell capacitor battery was successfully manufactured. They found that under the same conditions, the storage capacity of the battery when using reed activated charcoal is about 3 times that of using coconut shell activated carbon.

The researchers pointed out that this result shows the possibility of using reeds in the most advanced technology areas. They are ready to carry out further research to improve the performance of batteries, enhance their durability and maintain battery quality in order to achieve commercial production.

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