Nanchang fire fighting system won the Ministry of Fire Bureau Achievement Promotion Award

From October 23 to 24, the Ministry of Fire Protection organized a 2014 science and technology award review meeting in Beijing. The main finishers of the 21 declared projects participated in the defense. Thirteen experts from the subordinate Fire Research Institute, the Conformity Assessment Center, and the public security firefighting team formed the evaluation committee. Du Lanping, deputy director and chief engineer of the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, served as the chairman of the evaluation committee.

After on-site defense and expert inquiries, the assessment committee selected 13 award-winning projects. Among them, there are two second prizes, five third prizes (first-prize vacancies), four technological innovation awards and two young innovation awards.

The "Flat Graphic Command System" selected and sent by the Nanchang detachment was carefully prepared by the detachment's ICT Group in the early stages and improved in many ways. He won the third prize for the promotion of achievements in the 2014 Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Public Security. During the review, Deputy Commissioner Du paid great attention to the project and asked questions on the project's functions several times. He also indicated that the later-stage functional research and development of this project should be integrated into the mobile command terminal that the current fire station is promoting. If conditions permit, It can be promoted in the province or national fire protection system.

This award is based on the strong science and technology police, Nanchang branch to continuously improve the modernization of the fire brigade and combat effectiveness of the specific embodiment, but also technology research and development and independent innovation ability of another result, indicating that Nanchang detachment technology innovation level has been among the forefront of national fire.

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