There are many materials for ceilings. The focus of this article is on aluminum ceilings. Aluminum gussets are relatively common ceiling materials. Because they are all made of metal, their service life and encircling capacity are stronger than those of PVC materials and plastic steel materials. What about aluminum ceiling linings? Let Xiao Bian take you to understand it!

The ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate is mainly used for the ceiling engineering of kitchens and bathrooms. Since the entire construction of the aluminum buckle plate uses all-metal construction, it is superior to PVC materials and plastic steel materials in terms of service life and enveloping ability. At present, the aluminum buckle plate has become one of the indispensable materials in the entire home improvement project. People often compare the aluminum buckle plate as: "kitchen hat" is because he has better protection and beautification of the kitchen and bathroom! At present, the aluminum buckle ceiling industry has been widely used in major and medium-sized cities throughout the country and has matured and become comprehensive.

Home-made aluminum buckle plate in the country according to the shape classification is divided into: right-angle aluminum buckle plate and angled aluminum buckle plate. (Because the bevel is not conducive to the late scrubbing work, the market generally uses a large number of right angles, but there is not much difference between the right angle and the oblique angle in terms of price.) The domestic aluminum buckle plate is classified into aluminum coating plate according to the surface treatment process in the country. , roller coated aluminum buckle plate, covered aluminum buckle plate three categories. (The service life of three types of aluminum buckle plates gradually increases in turn, and the performance increases.) In the aluminum buckle plates of home improvement products, the “membrane aluminum buckle plate” can be classified according to the source of the surface film: the domestic pearlescent film aluminum buckle plate. , Imported pearlized film aluminum buckle plate, LG Pearlescent film covered aluminum buckle plate (film coating aluminum buckle plate in turn gradually increase the service life and performance)

The normal service life of aluminum ceilings for spraying aluminium buckles shall be: 5-10 years;

The normal service life of roller coated aluminum buckle ceiling should be: 7-15 years;

The normal service life of the covered aluminum buckle plate ceiling should be: 10-30 years;

The main factors that determine the quality and price positioning of aluminum buckle ceilings:

The aluminum materials used for the ceiling are all aluminum alloys and it is impossible to have pure aluminum. However, due to the different alloy contents and the different mechanical properties of aluminum alloys, the aluminum alloys currently used in domestic ceiling materials are divided into five grades:

The first grade: aluminum-magnesium alloy, also contains part of manganese, the biggest advantage of this material is good anti-oxidation ability, at the same time because of the content of manganese, so it has a certain strength and rigidity, it is the best material for making smallpox. The performance of aluminum processing in the Southwest Aluminum Factory in China is the most stable.

Second grade: aluminum-manganese alloy, the strength and rigidity of this material is slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy. However, the antioxidant capacity is slightly lower than that of aluminum-magnesium alloys. If both sides of the protective treatment, basically to solve its anti-oxidation ability is not as good as aluminum-magnesium alloy good shortcomings, the domestic Ruiye aluminum aluminum processing performance is the most stable.

The third grade: aluminum alloy, the alloy has less manganese and magnesium content. Therefore, its strength and rigidity are significantly lower than aluminum-magnesium alloys and aluminum-manganese alloys. Because it is soft and easy to process, as long as it reaches a certain thickness, it can basically meet the most basic flatness requirements of smallpox. However, its antioxidant capacity is obviously inferior to aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. And it is easy to deform during processing, transportation and installation.

Fourth grade: ordinary aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of this material is not stable.

The fifth grade: The raw material of this kind of plate is the aluminum processing plant melting aluminum ingots into aluminum plates and does not control the chemical composition at all. Due to the uncontrolled chemical composition, the properties of these materials are extremely unstable, leading to serious irregularities on the surface of the product, deformation of the product, and extreme oxidation.

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