As a wide range of miniature vacuum pumps, for example, can be divided into: brush miniature vacuum pump, brushless mini vacuum pump. Often lead customers confused when buying, in the end how to choose from many types of products most suitable for their own conditions, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of miniature vacuum is necessary. Miniature vacuum pump Next, introduce the advantages of the two categories of miniature vacuum pump and its disadvantages: First, a miniature vacuum pump brush 1, Advantages: It uses a large torque brush motor power supply, so lead to negative pressure, flow can be done relatively high Today, the domestic high-quality brushed motor is relatively mature, the domestic production of more advanced micro-quality vacuum pump manufacturers, such brush products quality, performance, reliability are more secure. More importantly, the overall cost is less than the miniature vacuum pump with high quality brushless motor. 2, the disadvantage: brushed miniature vacuum pump life is slightly shorter than the high-quality brushless life. Second, the brushless miniature vacuum pump 1, the advantages: longer life, especially the use of high-quality brushless motor, life expectancy is often close to tens of thousands of hours; more suitable for day and night continuous operation, such as long-term online sampling pump to do; and some even Continuous operation for more than one year, if it is intermittent use, and even to a few years. But also "speed" function, which can adjust the duty cycle motor speed, so as to achieve the purpose of indirect pump flow, with the appropriate control circuit, even to achieve constant pressure, constant current, constant speed and other advanced applications. 2, Disadvantages: negative pressure, positive pressure, flow and other parameters to be smaller than the brush; the cost is higher than the brush. Different miniature vacuum pumps have different advantages and disadvantages, understanding its advantages and disadvantages for the customer to purchase the product of great significance. With the continuous expansion of the vacuum pump in the field of production in our country, constantly improving its advantages and weakening its shortcomings, it is of great significance for improving the development of vacuum pump industry in our country. Related Articles: The advantages of water ring vacuum pump and the shortcomings of water ring miniature vacuum pump working principle

Metal Laser Cutting Machine is a metal cutting equipment mainly produced by our company. It is specially used for cutting and processing metal materials such as sheet metal, stainless steel and carbon steel. The high-power metal Laser Cutting Machine can be transformed by light energy. The heat of the beam heats the material to vaporization quickly, removing the deformation of the workpiece, plus the auxiliary gas (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) adapted to the material to avoid the oxidation reaction during heating, making the steel plate black and yellow, and blowing The slag that may remain in the cutting seam when cutting.
High-power metal laser Cutting Machine advantages:
The cutting precision is high and there is no problem with the deformation of the workpiece.
The cutting product is flat and beautiful.
Fast cutting speed, easy operation, safe and stable.
The cutting drawings are freely customizable, flexible in processing and adaptable.


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